The protagonists of Twig, Lords preserve us. Known as the Lambsbridge Project, the Lambsbridge Gang and more succinctly The Lambs

Modus operandiEdit

The Lambs are Radham's special ops forces specialized for urban warfare and infiltration.


The Lambs are described as a gestalt. Operating as a unit, they do not have a leader as such, but rotate decision making around themselves based on specialization and seniority.


Ranked in order of induction

Later LambsEdit

Neo LambsEdit

Final LambsEdit

  • Red
  • Bo Peep
  • Polley Parrot


Bad bad things

When they dealt with the Snakecharmer they had also dealt with several other things.[1]


  • Comparisons to...?

References Edit

  1. “I feel like, once upon a time, when I first learned about the set end date for the project, not the expiration dates but that things would only last until around the time I graduated, I wondered why. And then we got busy with the baby-things and then the singing doctor, and the spider-things, and the Snake Charmer, and… I was new and emotionally exhausted. I didn’t think about things for a while.” - Excerpt from Root and Branch 19.1