Academy wetworks squad gone rogue and hiring themselves out to the rebellion.[1]They each have a kind of 'class' ring as a form of comradeship between them.


Unlike the Lambsbridge Gang they were not built on the idea of cooperation.[2]



  • They take their name from an old medical Philosophy, where the body had various fluids that had to be kept in balance to insure proper health.
    • They were also used to categorize personalities.

References Edit

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  2. “Do you know what their real plan was for us?” she asked. [...] “Four of us. Bastards kept giving us missions. Even when one of us weren’t in full working order, or when we were feeling the hurt from recent surgeries. Do this, find this person, kill them. Bring us the body. Again and again. [...] They told us if we failed too many times, or if we got recalcitrant, then they would move on to phase two. Take us, butcher us, and keep the best pieces of each. My nose, Phlegm’s ears, Cholera’s body, ‘Guin’s eyes. As for brain, well, that’s how they tried to set us against each other. Telling us that the most obedient, the one most willing to turn on the others-” - Excerpt from Esprit de Corpse 5.14