Sylvester was created by Mr. Hayle as part of Project Wyvern.


Fine boned, narrow chinned black and messy hair. Very short. Green eyes.

Project GoalEdit

To test run the Wyvern formula and see the results of long term use, and how much could be used before the formula destroyed the users mind. Was placed on the Lambs project after the deaths of Evette and Ashton to replace them and fill in the Lambs need for a social manipulator and strategist. Presumably as part of his project he took a modified version of Wyvern.[1]

Due to body chemistry is highly resistant if not out right immune to many diseases and parasite.[2] For the same reason he is shorter then his pattern should allow for, has a diffrent texture to his hair and nails, and is effectivly sterile.[3]

Subject had his throat modified so that opening it wouldn't remove his ability to communicate and castigate his opponents.[4]

Expiration DateEdit

Likely some time before he is 22, due to degradation of his brain and body through over-use of the Wyvern formula.



Was injected with regular, heavy doses of Wyvern from the age of six. Joined the Lambs as the social manipulator following other experiments being canceled.

Ran away at one point but let himself get caught be Dog and Catcher.[5]

Year OneEdit

Convinced Mary to betray her creator and join the Lambs.

Year TwoEdit

Developed a relationship with Lillian but was forced to break up with her after learning his relationship with her was preventing her from obtaining her dream of becoming a Professor. Mostly engaged in the relationship to fulfill a mutual need for physical comfort, and to become closer to her, knowing that she would live the longest of the Lambs and hoping she would remember him for who he was after he died.

Year ThreeEdit

He helped kill 3 of the Twin nobles in Lugh, and later killed their brother the Baron, to protect the other Lambs and the people they knew, as the Baron and threatened to torture and kill all of them. Killing the nobles caused Sylvester to become a fugitive, and he fled from the Academy after shooting Mary in the kneecap so she couldn't chase after him, as that would cause the other Lambs to be placed under suspicion of being on Sylvesters side. Was later joined by Jamie, but no other Lambs came with him.

Year FourEdit

Became a rebel leader


References Edit

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    “That’s familiar enough. Depending on other ingredients and ratios, could include the combat drug Cicuta?” the headmaster asked. “Or C-G Temero?”

    “Wyvern,” Lacey said. “Modified, and in high P-concentration, for Sylvester’s project.”

    “Ah. I’ve used that regularly enough, often with other drugs to dull the pain after injection,” the man said. “Should I have my people look for any stolen pain medications? I’d imagine he’d have some dependencies.”

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