W red plague

A deadly plague of red flowers made by God to punish mankind.[1]

Unlike much academy derived science burning it actively spreads it.[2]


The flowering stage, also likely the one where it is a parasitical growth on a host.

Reacts to attempts to remove it, feeding on blood and reacting to adrenaline.[3]


  • Has many names, this is the one decided upon, may change.
  • While not officially a superweapon it is just as deadly and was originally thought to be a product of the academies science.

References Edit

  1. Working small, working subtly, as it had learned to do from the beginning, it copied the plants and it produced seeds. Too small to host life, to be spawn, the seeds would nonetheless grow.

    The creature knew what came next. It had learned that in the beginning too. Pieces were cut away, and then given to fire.

    But maybe with enough seeds, some would survive the fire. Those seeds would plant themselves in human flesh, they would cause pain, agony, hurt, and they would be a bitter, stubborn thing, more tenacious than any weed, more efficient than any plant. Undying hatred given form.

    Others would settle into the human flesh that couldn’t rub or scour them free. They would flower, and they would scatter more seeds to the wind and the water.

    Red, the creature decided, to match the hair of the man it hated most. - Excerpt from Interlude 9.x
  2. “The attack on the train station and the rebellion’s earlier attempt at seizing it saw casualties. Some were afflicted with ravage. They stacked the bodies, afflicted and not, within the grocery store. As efficient as our masks are, they have their limitations. Burning the ravage spreads it. Smoke carries it. If we remain too long, the masks will fail. Our enemy knows this.” - Excerpt from Head over Heels 16.9
  3. Cut To The Quick 11.10