A better brain, capable of pioneering better brains than their own.

“If that mind had a body to suit, this would be that body,” she said. - Excerpt from Bleeding Edge 8.10


Self constructed life. A colony organism that tries to find new and better ways of living often in unheard of ways.[1] Their creation sets Twig apart from the real world. Many advances were culled from primordial experiments but also Horrors.

The potentials are such that the Academy does not research them.[2]

A Primordial has a chapter from it's perspective, Interlude 9.x (Enemy; Primordial)


  • God and its brothers
  • Immortal Primordial Emily Gages creation
  • Jagour Primordial
  • The Dukes experiments


  • Castle guards of new york
  • Golden Calf


  • Has been compared to the dangers of runaway artificial intelligence.

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