Pierre, known as The Runner or The Rabbit, is a criminal outlaw known for moving fast.


A rake who still has some honorable traits.



Joined the rebel groups right after her and seems to be close. They seem to have pursued a relationship.

Project GoalEdit

Subject was self directed in seeking out surgery from back alley doctors.[1] He is roughly eight feet tall with hard eyes.[2]

Expiration DateEdit

None beyond old age. Original work is pretty bad, necessitated later work to make it more aesthetically pleasing.[3]


His modifications gave him a very disconcerting appearance.[4] This was improved on later, marginally.[3]

Before being discarded all together.



Was a criminal.


Was sprung from prison by some kid.[5]


Got some upgrades and possibly a girlfriend.


Came to see Shirley at the town she was stationed in.[6]

A lanky white haired man was seen at the reception for the lord king.[7]


  • His name is french equivalent for Peter which means rock.

References Edit

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    “He’s a good friend and an excellent messenger…” I said, trailing off. I tried to think of a way to put it politely. Pierre was a friend, but he was a queer one, and I didn’t like to talk poorly of friends, in case it got around to them. Especially when it came to dealing with more sensitive recruits, who would hear me say something negative about one person and then imagine me saying things about them behind their backs.

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