Petey is a parasitic fetus that can control bodies.

He is described to be a similar age to the lambs (around 12). He looks like a fetus with spider legs and a life support plus sac for changing hosts.[1]

References Edit

  1. A fetus, crawling across the hardwood, skin almost translucent, with far too many veins spiderwebbing across the surface. It had been grafted with additional parts, I noted, insect legs that gave it more ability to move in the outside world. All the same, it was no larger than my two fists put side by side.

    I remembered what the others had said. That Petey was about our age..

    A twelve-year old fetus?.

    As Petey made it halfway, I could see his ‘tail’. The spinal column extended back, and was attached to a bag, half-filled with fluid..

    “What’s that?”.

    “Brain, in a more malleable, bare-bones package,” Lillian said. “Includes some life support. Tiny body isn’t big enough to sustain a working, functional brain. Life support keeps him alive until the host body adapts.” - Excerpt from Tooth and Nail 7.6