not a nice person


Tomboy evolves into...just run.[1]

Project GoalEdit

Subject was made outside academy environment thanks to the Witch fiddling around. She can't focus well.


Who knows reportedly an orphan taken by the Witch.

1924 Edit

blah lambsbridge comes to town

References Edit

  1. “Hands out in front of you,” she said. She was older than any of them. Seventeen, to look at her. Everything about her seemed to be going forward or going back. Her black hair swept back into a ponytail that stuck out like a witch’s broom, a cigarette pointed forward. The collar of her shirt, a boy’s shirt, was raised, the corners pointing forward. She stood on one foot, the other back with the toe touching the wall for balance. The oldest boy stood next to her. - Excerpt from Dyed in the Wool 12.3