Nora is a twin who talks with her sister all the time.


Nora's appearance combines aspects of a human girl and and insect.[1] Features include segmented body sections, white hair and having multiple pupils in her eyes. Preportedly she is less developed then her sis ter Lara, lacking the same number of foot claws.[2]

Project GoalEdit

A failed project trying to make more coordinated war beasts through ultrasonics. It was subsumed into the lamb project

Expiration DateEdit

Old Age presumably


Had sisters in the vats these were done away with.

Appreciated Sylvester

Had a growth spurt.[3]

References Edit

  1. Off to the side, Helen was helping Nora disrobe. Under the hood, Nora’s hair was white. Her eyes were dark and red rimmed. Prone to infections and irritation. It was much in the same way that her hair and filaments came out in clumps and her fingernails and claws could come off in a bloody mess if exposed to direct sunlight. She was a sensitive creature, in many ways.

    A sensitive creature who festooned with natural weapons, Lillian noted. She had only had a few opportunities to examine Nora and Lara in person, and that had been on a table, with doctors pointing things out. Too up close a view. Standing aside, observing, she could see the way that the shoulders, ribs, elbows, the spine, and the girl’s fingers were all segmented.

    The ribs, like everything, had pronounced joints at set intervals, joints that strained against skin like a fist clenched to the point that the knuckles had gone white. Where joints would normally already be, they were exaggerated. At the end of most fingers were scythe-like claws, roughly six inches long, normally hidden by the loose fabric of sleeves. Other fingers were actual fingers, and some were a melted-together blend of both blade and digit. Pure chance, what she had ended up with. Lillian knew from the short tutorial with Nora’s creators that there were more blades at the spine and joints of the shoulder and elbow, but they were buried within the joints.

    They were meager natural weapons now, but Nora was expected to grow.

    Helen showed no concern for the blades, both the retracted ones and the existing ones, as she helped Nora into the other end of the bath. - Excerpt from Black Sheep 13.2
  2. -Do not. Smelly Nora. Telling lies. You only have three claws on your two feet. Inferior sister!- - Excerpt from Black Sheep 13.6
  3. As Ashton approached with Lara and Nora, the two twins now asymmetrical,
    One of the two had had a growth spurt, and was a foot taller than her sister. The shroud of clothing that covered her now covered her lower face, her overlong neck, and the two long forelimbs that now stretched from shoulder to toe. The dangling claws scuffed the ground and the edge of stairs as she walked down the path to where we were in the garden.
    “Where do we sit?” the smaller of the twins asked.

    “Find a compost heap and sit in it,” the larger twin said. “Then you might grow some, and you’ll smell better.”

    The smaller twin gasped.

    “Be nice, Nora,” Lillian said. - Excerpt from Root and Branch 19.1