The genotypically and phenotypically perfect heads of the Crown empire.

Modus operandiEdit

Above common humanity in many ways, including it seems morality. As they do not concern themselves with common people.

Their power and influence is such that people swear,[1] and pray,[2] by them and not any deity.


Typically tall, ivory white, usually with blonde hair and blue eyes.

They are known to wear armored clothes.[3]


This aristocracy members are kept secret from people.[4] Actual deaths are concealed from the public.

They need their professors and adequate care, such as nutrition, to continually function at their best.[5] They are request checkups to ensure top functioning.[6]

The actual line of succession is complicated.[7]


Ranked in order of importance, this list encompasses the empire's royalty which would normally be held separate.


  • Comparisons have been drawn between them and the fair folk. Particularly the elves of Hellboy the golden army for their complexion.

References Edit

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