Mary Elizabeth Coburn known as Mary is a member of the Lambs.


She has brown hair with white ribbons.

Project GoalEdit

Clone that is a improved version of the original.[1] Changes were made in tank to guide her mindset; subject spends their time trying to make people bleed.[2]

Was meant to act as a trainer especially for the next generation of clones but just as effectivly for others.


She is one of Percy's clones, who is later recruited by Sylvester to join the Lambs.

References Edit

  1. Vat Babies - Experiments born in a lab, not a womb. Typically very carefully raised from an early point, with accelerated aging through the early years, careful training and adjusted metrics, as they are built for a special task. Mind and body may be altered as part of the ongoing process, but are often a roll of the dice in terms of the doctor's ability to control the end result. Includes wholly original life and clones. There is an emphasis here on capabilities, or on utility, either directly (Ashton) or indirectly (Mary; priming her for training, mindset). - Wildbow on Reddit
  2. In Sheep’s Clothing 10.15