A system of hand signs that the lambs developed to non-verbally communicate with each other.


It can be used from within the pocket[1], against a surface, or freehand where anyone can see.

It is non-intuitive with particular signs for concepts and best used with an understanding for the interlocutors mental process. It started with a base of six signs and spiraled out from there.[2]

It is essentially made up on the spot and heavily reliant on the interlocutors being aware of each others thought processes.[3]

Short handEdit

Mind - three fingers together [4]

  • hard thinking, maths, Academy science, logic, cold analysis - three fingers up tall, all touching
  • soft, abstract thinking - fingers down
    • thumb in front the three fingers - interpersonal thinking
    • thumb behind the three fingers - inspired or artistic thinking


Appellations for various people are based on a combination of signs.

Mary - cutting metal dancer
Sylvester - small poison man
The Duke - crown gold
Tender Mercies - gentle sugar gentle kill
Infante - crown tall


  • Was partially based on ASL.[5]

References Edit

  1. Why did it feel like Walter was the one concerned with this lie about his father standing up? Not about himself, not about reconciling who his dad was, or the betrayal…

    He was lying about something.

    Gordon opened his mouth to speak, I moved my hand, where it was right by my pocket, a small spreading of my fingers, and the motion was enough to catch Gordon’s eye.

    “Tell me, Wally, do you really think what you’ve given us is good enough?”

    “It’s true!” Walter said, suddenly alarmed.

    People rarely sounded more like they were lying than when they protested like that. - Excerpt from Cat out of the Bag 2.3
  2. The hand signals used by the Lambs. They had started off simple, covering a variety of bases, and in Jamie’s mind, every last one had had a color, a general shape, and a lot of the vocabulary, spacings and timings of events were similar within a color or key gesture. - Excerpt from Interlude 15.x
  3. “You sat down and worked this out? A special language, for all of you?”

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  4. Wonder was inspiration, which fell into the mind gesture. Mind was three fingers together. Mind became different things depending on context, the rigidity of fingers changed. Three fingers up tall, all touching, was hard thinking, maths, Academy science, logic, cold analysis. Bring the fingers down and it became soft, abstract thinking, which often became one of two different things if the thumb was in front or behind the three fingers. Interpersonal thinking for the former, inspired or artistic thinking for the latter.

    Of the most basic signs, each one flowed into the other. Each one assigned a color, it allowed colors to blur or mix, for categorizations to find shades of color alongside the general shape of the signs, for easy identification. - Excerpt from Interlude 15.x
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