Jamie was created by Mr. Hayle as part of Project Caterpillar.


Kind, very aware of the situation he is in. Can lie with the best of them.


Jamie typically wears his long dirty-blonde hair in a ponytail, his face is usually hidden behind glasses atired ill-fitting clothes and in perpetual company with a large book.[1] The cloths serve to hid the scars from his appointments.

This appearance was somewhat cultivated through the other Lambs influence, if exaggerated it can truly sell the "orphan" look.[2] Was very scarred from his appointments.[3]

Project GoalEdit

Project caterpillar is based around the ideal of perfect recall. This project is accomplished by creating a symbiotic organism that lets the subject organise their memories.

Of unknown relation is his slow response time, which includes physical as well as mental.[1] He is able to hit a stride mentally and reach into his memory.

Expiration DateEdit

Will eventually lose everything.


[Coming Soon]

References Edit

  1. 1.0 1.1 Even on the best of days, Jamie was something of an odd bird. The glasses, the book he carted around with him, and the longer, dirty-blond hair, currently tied back into a sailor’s ponytail, they added up to a strange picture. He had a way of looking uncomfortable in any clothes he wore, as if they were someone else’s and he was just borrowing them. He tended to be quieter than the others, with Helen excepted in most situations. He was probably the worst of us when it came to a fight, myself excepted, and the slowest of us to react when it came to a non-fight crisis.

    With all those things put together, he should have and could have been a shadow of a person, the low man on the totem pole, the gawky, awkward one, the bookworm. But he walked and spoke with confidence. His book was inside a waterproof backpack, slung over one shoulder, and he spoke without looking at me, eyes roving over the surroundings.

    I’d spent five hours in this town for every hour Jamie had, but he was the one who knew his way around. He led the way to the theater, and we took the main roads. - Excerpt from Esprit de Corpse 5.2
  2. “But-” Jamie said, and I had to suppress a smile at hearing his tone. The tone and the wide eyed look he gave her through his thick glasses was wounded, concerned, and bewildered. “Ma’am. We’re orphans. We don’t have a home.”

    It wasn’t quite how I would have timed or phrased it, but it wasn’t quite an option for me. I felt like if I tried to go the pitiful orphan route, someone like this woman would look me over, see the scruffy hair, see the eyes, the thin mouth, and think, ‘yes, that’s an orphan.’

    But Jamie was another thing altogether. His long hair was tied back in a sailor’s ponytail, he wore glasses, and his clothes didn’t quite fit him. He was just a step away from being an ordinary child, so fixable, and the effect came across well. Perfect for when we wanted to put people on the defensive.

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