Helen was created by Dr. Ibbot as his Galatea Project, she was incorporated into the lambs.


Helen is human derived but largely has non human coding. This plays into her personality. She has an understanding of humanity only a true outsider then. As such she is a highly skilled actor.

She likes messing with people,[1] in all meanings of the word. She cares about killing strong people and protecting those she loves.


A poison flower of the Female sex. Throughout the story she grows into an elegant young woman. On the inside she is unrecognizable as human.

Project GoalEdit

Think cephalopod wrapped around a human skeleton, a hydraulic system.[2] Can use water to change her proportions.[3]

Very little of her is directly human.[4]

Can rearange her internal organs for camouflage.[5]

Thankfully subject can not naturally procreate. [6]

Expiration DateEdit

Is not known to have an explicit expiration date but does need 'maintenance' to retain human appearance.



Was a twinkle in Ibbot's eye before the good professor was challenged step outside his discipline.

Was not humanoid early on. Tried to hug people but was rudely shot instead.[7]







Made for a beautiful and graceful lady.


  • Galatea pygmillon, look it up the subject is fascinating.

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