Gordon was created by Mr. Hayle as part of Project Griffon.


Has a strong independence and adaptable streak,[1] take action kind of guy.[2]

Bit of a brute.

Takes advantage of people's expectations of him based on his appearance.[3]

Has a way of getting along with other experiments.[4]


Good looking blond boy who is younger then he appears.

Project GoalEdit

An exploration of the problems of rejection and grafting. Body and organs, including brain, are a composite of numerous subjects to meet project goals for subject.

The patchwork gives the subject some resistances.[5]

Similar methods were applied to create ancillary subject Hubris.

Expiration Date Edit

Of the lambs he has the earliest expiration date.


Was born and then died.



  1. Faced with any number of monsters, thrust into bad situations, I’d adjusted. All of us had, really, with the exception of Helen, who had never experienced true horror and panic as we did. That said, the Wyvern formula had helped me make the adjustment more quickly. I’d helped Gordon and Jamie figure it out, more the latter than the former. Gordon, more than any of us, had always been more comfortable doing things on his own. Even if it was figuring out how to face life or death situations, or how to create those situations for others and follow through at the end of the day. I’d figured it out, counseled, and offered the help I could, a push here and there. - Excerpt from Bleeding Edge 8.7
  2. “You’re being a wuss. You know what Gordon keeps telling me?” I asked her. “Every time I lose a fight, which I do a lot? You have to make a move, or the world will move against you. Take action, be brave, and leave no doubt that you exist. There’s too many people for any of us to fall into the background. Above all, trust your instincts, because you’re better than you think. You are better than you think, Lil, and I’m saying that as the person who was your biggest critic, back in the day.” - Excerpt from Lamb to the Slaughter 6.8
  3. This was where he bent the truth. He didn’t have the deserved reputation of a liar that Sylvester did. He had the undeserved reputation as the honest one. -Excerpt from Interlude 7.x
  4. Some stitched were made for battle. Wendy wasn’t one of those stitched. Someone could likely have come after her with a weapon and she wouldn’t have defended herself. On much the same level, an enemy might be able to give her a hug without her even thinking of resisting. There were vital parts of her psychology that were missing.

    But Gordon being the one holding her hand helped. He had always had an affinity for other experiments. There were maybe four people who could communicate with Dog, despite Dog’s general inability to vocalize; Catcher was one, two scientists who maintained and looked after Dog were another couple, and Gordon was a fourth.

    There were even some Whelps that he could pet without getting his hand bitten off, and the Academy doctors who worked on the Whelps weren’t even capable of doing that. - Excerpt from Stitch in Time 4.10
  5. Paralytic venom, it seemed, had been injected into Jamie with the spines. Gordon had severed much of his arm from the rest of his body to minimize how well that same venom could transmit, and his particular biology made the translation between sections more halting than it might otherwise be. His enhanced constitution covered the rest. He’d taken the time to recover, bounced back, and then gave himself enough medical care to retain some use of his arm. - Excerpt from Lamb to the Slaughter 6.13