Good Simon Says is a propaganda books aimed at teaching children of the Crown Empire proper behaviour.[1]


  • Simon - always does right
    • Patriot - Simons dog
  • Seth - always does wrong
  • Sable - friend of Simon's who is an animal lover
  • Sadie - a mean girl

Named BooksEdit


  • Dudley Do-right, Goofus and Gallant, cartoons trying to teach children good behaviour are a longstanding fictional genre.

References Edit

  1. “Good Simon is from ‘Good Simon Says’, it’s a book series. Simon is a good boy and does things right, he’s faithful, true and obedient, and he listens well. He’s polite. Whatever Simon does right, Seth does wrong. Because Seth is bad. Sometimes there are other characters, like Sadie, who is mean and angry, or Sable, who works with animals, and there are lessons with-”

    “I know the books,” Duncan said, cutting Ashton off. They were part of a series that taught about social mores, emotions, and patriotism to the Crown. The books were popular with very young children, those with social disabilities, and, apparently, experiments who were learning those same things from scratch. “You like the books?” - Excerpt from Interlude 11.x
  2. stuff about Sadie - excerpt from Interlude 16.x