Candida Anne Gage is an aristocrat and the life work of Professor Easterbrook, she was also known by the nickname Candy and eventually took the name Emily.


Does not have a fixed shape.

Project GoalEdit

Long life

Expiration DateEdit

None applicable


Everything was horrible but then she left the life that was expected of her and met Drake.

The lambs were sent to find her, they succeeded. The issue is that they discovered that Emily was involved with making Primoridals.

Things quickly became bedlam and to get the Baron Richmond on hers and the Lambs side by revealing her adaption.

Her other enhancements were removed leaving her weak and almost blind. The Baron was killed, effectively, and she was a widow. She sought out Drake again.

She started getting different and more drastic enhancements to remember where she came from and where she intends to go.