Ships people and is a glutton.



Augmented partner.


One of the few that made an effort to understand him.[1]


Picture a man in the shape of a canine, and about the size of a very large horse. Add metal joints and braces here and there where the flesh didn't grow in well. Then you essentially have Dog.

Project GoalEdit

Part of a hunting and retrieval duo.

Has good smell hearing and other senses.

Expiration DateEdit

Subject requires constant maintenance it will degrade and eventually decease in as little as or five years.[2]

References Edit

  1. Gordon [...] had always had an affinity for other experiments. There were maybe four people who could communicate with Dog, despite Dog’s general inability to vocalize; Catcher was one, two scientists who maintained and looked after Dog were another couple, and Gordon was a fourth. - Excerpt from Stitch in Time 4.10
  2. Cut To The Quick 11.4