A steeple of the World of Twig is the easy availability of drugs to enhance function. A major example is Combat Drugs.

Those that do not see wide spread use or are deemed to dangerous are discarded. Some of these find their way into the underworld and surface as Street drugs.

individual ExamplesEdit

  • Whatever cynthia and her Spears used after the rebel meeting.
  • The combet drugs Cicuta and a modified version of Temero have a similar chemical formula to the Mental stimulant Wyvern.[1]


  • During the first and Second World War soldiers were issued variations on methamphetamine to keep soldiers awake and able to respond to their surroundings. They were discontinued after ethics concerns were raised and they were deemed to hazardous to health.[2]

References Edit

  1. Lillian turned to Lacey, who immediately recited, “Ifosfamide, carmustine, felotane, venenum A through G, I, N through P, and T.”

    “That’s familiar enough. Depending on other ingredients and ratios, could include the combat drug Cicuta?” the headmaster asked. “Or C-G Temero?”

    “Wyvern,” Lacey said. “Modified, and in high P-concentration, for Sylvester’s project.”

    “Ah. I’ve used that regularly enough, often with other drugs to dull the pain after injection,” the man said. “Should I have my people look for any stolen pain medications? I’d imagine he’d have some dependencies.”

    “None,” Lillian said. “The P-concentration is too high. He took doses high enough that nothing would put a dent in it, from the beginning to the present.” - Excerpt from Black Sheep 13.2
  2. Ohler, Norman. 2017. Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany. London: Penguin Books.