A later edition to the Lambs who grew into his role.


Though technically more plant then animal Ashton looks for all intents and purposes like a human being. With very red hair.

Project GoalEdit

A social manipulator able to brute force his way into getting people to do what he wants. [1] Subject has some learning mechanisms that allow him to delineate his approach.[2]

Is definitely a plant with a lung for a body and a pheromone producer.[3]

More stuff about aston.

The subject can regenerate from heavy damage. Even regenerating limbs.

Expiration DateEdit

Eventually he will not be able to learn anything else and his mind will turn in on himself throwing him into a inescapable loop.


The first Ashton made with the original lambs was aborted. Left in a large tub of formaldehyde and his tree left to rot.

Later another Ashton would be grown thanks to the lambs proving their worth.

One of his first experiences was Avis escaping. Was trained up along with Jamie two.

References Edit

  1. Ashton is an attempt to brute force what others (Sy) do by nuance. Where these same pheromones might be stored by other vehicles, like a giant warbeast, there'd generally be no nuance at all.
    He joined the team as the team split, with the idea being that he could be deployed to one objective while Sy was deployed to another. - Wildbow on Reddit
  2. I have feedback mechanisms that would make that easier,” Ashton said. “So I can understand the things people are feeling. They could probably give me the ability to feel others’ pain. But you need a secondary brain to process it, detached from the primary brain. I think he’s right. It would be complicated.” - In Sheep’s Clothing 10.2
  3. anatomy and other junk for ashton - Gut Feeling 17.6